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Products & Services

The Circular Economy

Waste Acceptance Criteria and Customer Onboarding

Our customer onboarding process begins with the laboratory testing of the scheduled waste samples received, to determine  the suitability of the scheduled waste as outlined in the Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC). New customers are  duly registered and onboarded as they meet the WAC. 

The initial screening too is crucial  to identify the manufacturing routes of the scheduled waste to achieve the desired process efficiency and ultimate product quality.

Robust Technology

  • Intellectual Properties (MyIPO)

    • Patent - Method of Production

    • Thermal BioFusion®

  • Significant Accreditations

    • ISO 14067:2018 (Greenhouse Gases -Carbon Footprint of Products-Requirements and Guidelines for Quantification)

    • MyHijau Mark (The official green accreditation endorsed by the government of Malaysia)

    • Social Enterprise accreditation by the Ministry of Entrepreneurial Development and Cooperatives.

Energy Recovery

  • Sagefuels®

    • A renewable solid fuel, manufactured entirely from scheduled waste for thermal applications.

    • Mitigates and abates the use of COAL

    • The End to End - Re-Use, Re-Cycle and Re-Purpose company